Thursday, April 03, 2008

Abstract Nº55

Im Kampf zwischen Dir und der Welt, sekundiere der Welt.
(In the struggle between yourself and the world, second the world.)

Franz Kafka, "The Blue Octavo Notebooks", 52.


Deb said...

This definitely looks like a struggle.

runnerfrog said...


Icaro Jr said...

i really like this one, I would like to have some more information on the tecn you are using.

runnerfrog said...

Hi Icaro Jr., thanks for your comment, I'm intrigued about your poetry.
The tecn(ique) is very simple once the tecn(ology) is developed enough. I start setting some genetic values on a computer program (or loading old ones), then the program evolves this first phenotype into a set of eight new ones: this constitutes the first genotype of nine images (a grid of 3x3); after that I pick the most appealing by just clicking on it, this conforms the second genotype, from which I pick the most appealing phenotype again, and so on, until one of the evolved images (phenotypes) on the always changing group of nine is selected by me to print, normally because it fits some previous established criteria.
The tecn(ology) is a program developed by me, with much help of two ex-professors of mine, it ended being called CRAM (Cristian René Art Media) and I chose it as a word play with the two meanings of the noun itself in english, since I was preparing this for an exam, and the "compressed crowd" meaning it is also appliable because I use to define how many phenotypes will stuff a genotype grid (normally 3x3 but I also use 5x5 and 10x10, but nxn is possible in the theory). The program started running on a 32 bits GNU/Linux and sometime ago it ran on a processing cluster; months ago I ported it to 64 bits and it simply runs on my Ubuntu laptop. Once the program was mostly finished (although it still needs improvement), the work started to be 25% human, 75% machine-made.

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