Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pastel flower

Wanted to post my favourite part of the book "Zophiel" too, by Gowen Brooks; a book that I like very much, it is sort of a love story of a fallen angel for a beautiful maiden, and I like this part not only because of the reference to painting.


Thou who wert born of Psyche and of Love
And fondly nurst on Poesy's warm breast
Painting, oh, power adored!
My country's sons have poured
To thee their orisons; and thou hast blest
Their votive sighs, nor vainly have they strove.

Thou who art wont to soothe the varied pain
That ceaseless throbs at absent lover's heart,
Who first bestowed thine aid
On the young Rhodian maid
When doomed, from him whose love was life, to part,
From a lone bard accept an humble heartfelt strain.


Maria Gowen Brooks, (Excerpt of) "Zophiel".

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