Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The most difficult poet in spanish you may find. He's obviously talking about the mythical Jupiter, while I just tried to make the image alike to the planet.

Thundering monsignor, since when do you
hurl bolts at juveniles? I can't count up
how many plumes you had to saddle for
him who even these days bears your cup.

The Phrygian youth, of whom antiquity
his beauty praises so, should kiss the foot
of him who was for Spain splendor so great,
and scant, but fatal, now is merely soot.

Your minister, no gryphon, surely harsh,
which Steropes had forged in Lipari,
a bezoar I say of a new Peru,

the petals kindled of a fragile flower,
and not the towering Ceraunian peaks.
Oh Jupiter, oh you, it's always you!

Luis de Góngora, "To Jupiter".

Here, the original:

Tonante monseñor, ¿de cuándo acá
fulminas jovenetos? Yo no sé
cuánta pluma ensillaste para el que
sirviéndote la copa aún hoy está.

El garzón frigio, a quien de bello da
tanto la antigüedad, besara el pie
al que mucho de España esplendor fue,
y poca, mas fatal, ceniza es ya.

Ministro, no grifaño, duro sí,
que en Líparis Estérope forjó,
piedra digo bezar de otro Pirú,

las hojas inflamó de un alhelí,
y los Acroceraunios montes no.
¡Oh Júpiter, o tú, mil veces tú!

Luis de Góngora, "A Júpiter".


Dzeni said...

By Jupiter that's a cool graphic! I like it a lot. Great colours.

runnerfrog said...

:-) Hey, thanks Dzeni.

Deb said...

That certainly is Jupiter.

runnerfrog said...

It is quite resemblant, yes. Thanks for stopping by.

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