Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Abstract Nº61

Wanted to post this fragment of Thoreau:


Is't then too late the damage to repair?
Distance, forsooth, from my weak grasp hath reft
The empty husk, and clutched the useless tare,
But in my hands the wheat and kernel left.

If I but love that virtue which he is,
Though it be scented in the morning air,
Still shall we be truest acquaintances,
Nor mortals know a sympathy more rare.

Friendship is evanescent in every man's experience, and remembered like heat lightning in past summers. Fair and flitting like a summer cloud; -there is always some vapor in the air, no matter how long the drought; there are even April showers. Surely from time to time, for its vestiges never depart, it floats through our atmosphere. It takes place, like vegetation in so many materials, because there is such a law, but always without permanent form, though ancient and familiar as the sun and moon, and as sure to come again.
The heart is forever inexperienced.


Henry David Thoreau, (One of my favourite fragments of) "A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers".


Dzeni said...

Lovely relaxing image. The colours and form work really well together.

Deb said...

I feel like I'm looking under a microscope. Lots of life forms! Nice work C.

runnerfrog said...

Thanks Dzeni, it is a great relief to know the I've created a relaxing image.

That's what I thought, Deb, exactly that, except for the last line :-P You're welcome.

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