Saturday, October 25, 2008

3D - Froot loops

I started my day with this irrational, strong urge for animal crackers and milk with froot loops. If I try to go from the particulars to the generals to explain to myself what I shouldn't, then it's may be this rule out of maturity that I have -this rebellion on which something feels transcendentally wrong when I agree to some socially accepted truths: I'll not resignate to accept death as a natural thing, I won't temper to an efficient mediocrity to adapt, I keep myself wanting more than just taking care of my worldly needs. Wisdom, and play, and random kindness, and senseless acts of beauty are more needed than the previous, and this involve ethics; I think those cover the eternal topics of beauty, truth and goodness good enough, or better than they cover just plain greed and resignation. I'm 35 and finishing to define myself, I already have a set of beliefs that nobody would convince me to think otherwise, they've been collected based on what's important to me, and what I've lived. We're humans, we bloom late.

Animal crackers and cocoa to drink,
That is the finest of suppers I think;
When I'm grown up and can have what I please
I think I shall always insist upon these.
What do YOU choose when you're offered a treat?
When Mother says, "What would you like best to eat?"
Is it waffles and syrup, or cinnamon toast?
It's cocoa and animals that I love most!

The kitchen's the cosiest place that I know;
The kettle is singing, the stove is aglow,
And there in the twilight, how jolly to see
The cocoa and animals waiting for me.

Daddy and Mother dine later in state,
With Mary to cook for them, Susan to wait;
But they don't have nearly as much fun as I
Who eat in the kitchen with Nurse standing by;
And Daddy once said, he would like to be me
Having cocoa and animals once more for tea.

Christopher Morley, "animal crackers"·


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

We're humans, we bloom late.

such simple explanation..

runnerfrog said...

Hey V. Seems you like it. :-)

Dzeni said...

A delightful post. It made me smile, mostly because I had cocoa pops (dry) with my tea for breakfast this morning. It was the last morning of dance camp and thus my last breakfast in a Wellington hotel before coming home to Auckland. It was fun :)

runnerfrog said...

I'm happy for your experience there, Dzeni; and thanks.

itzktb said...

I once ate a whole box of Froot Loops and immediately afterward came down with a fever.

I think if I had eaten your version of the cereal, I certainly would have felt a lot better.

Love the loops--thank you Cristian.

runnerfrog said...

Froot loops are poison! I doubt there's any cereal on them.
Glad you like the post.

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