Friday, October 03, 2008

3D Genetic Algorithms - Invaders

They come from the higher spheres, to get your granny drunk and put make up on your pig, they're the invaders! Pick up your water gun!

Coming by night, furtively, one by one
They infiltrate according to the Plan,
Their orders memorized and their disguise
Impenetrable. With the rising sun
Our citizens welcome them. Nobody can
Think that such charming creatures might be spies.

So feeble, so helpless, no one could suspect
They come to make this commonwealth their prey;
So few, they pose no threat; their cohort grows
So imperceptibly that we neglect
To notice how it musters day by day
And, unalarmed, we watch as they impose

Themselves, make friends in all directions, take
Impressions of all keys. They gain access
To all our secrets; learn to speak our tongue
Like natives; profit by each false move we make;
Work on our weaknesses; observe and guess
The sources of power and study them to be strong.

And when it happens, there will be no fuss,
No streets running with blood, no barricade.
We shall simply wake one morning to discover,
As those who ruled this city before us
Found by each door a headstone and a spade,
That a new generation has taken over.

A.D. Hope, "The Invaders".


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

so many ufo's on the horizon..
the poem took me right back to the days to "X-files".

runnerfrog said...

Why back? The movie is on theatres!

Deb said...

I just saw the X-files movie, and was disappointed. I thought it was missing something. Maybe too many years have passed since the show ended.

runnerfrog said...

A piece of X? Too many X-flies flying around? :-) May be it needed some gratuitous nudity. :-)

Will Doohan said...

If they are the incompetent invaders of which you write Cris, then They are getting my grandfather/president drunk and and putting lipstick on my pig/vice-president.

If they are the invaders from the poem, Then i am creeped out because they are among us.

Oh, and your ufo's look like coins falling into the water.:-)

runnerfrog said...

All that because the ufo drivers are drunk.

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