Thursday, October 23, 2008

Woven together

Fractal artist Dzeni is between the final three to decide the cover for the Auckland phonebook for 2009, public voting is open, and hers is the best concept, "Woven Together". Anyway, I think there's even more than this: fractal flames art it is for now an undervalued form of art, it won't be in ten years, but for it to not be then, everyone with a minimum interest on it should help to raise the exposure of it now; one way that I think is valid for this is helping another fractal artist to become more public, more visible, we must be woven together to support digital art, and a perfect and opportune way to help for that, right now, is voting for Dzeni before november the 14th, you only need an e-mail account. By voting Dzeni you're voting Project K too, it is a Youth Development programme designed to inspire 14-15 year olds to maximise their full potential; if Dzeni wins, Project K wins too.

Good luck to everyone involved, that's more than just Dzeni and Project K as I said.

This is her artwork, "Woven Together":

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