Thursday, October 02, 2008

3D Genetic Algorithms - Out of the blue

I thought "what should I post?" and logged in and noticed that this is the post 500; never expected to last this long, because never expected that the experience of forcing myself to produce and post something no matter of its quality would ever be tolerable or even rewarding at any level. It is; I like to come back here once a day.

All your cares
Now they seem
Oh so far away
All your fears
I fear I once shared
Now I know
There's a future
For all of us
Not so long ago
I was so scared
You seemed so sad
I could see
Through your twisted smile
So unsure
Always confused
Pale blue eyes
Gazing down
From your ivory tower
Through the haze
All broken and bruised
Then: out of the blue
Love came rushing in
Out of the sky
Came the sun
Out of left field
Came a lucky day
Out of the blue
No more pain
I don't mind
If it's only
A passing craze
Throwaway lines
Often ring true
If I were you
I would stay
For a little while
I you were me
Would you walk out
In style?

Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera), "Out of the blue".


Moflo said...

I love Roxy Music.

Congratulations on your 500th. I'm glad you come back here every day, too! ;)

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

the 500th..
another number..but what is imp. is that u doing the work u love..still keeping up the hobby.
cheers man

runnerfrog said...

Hey Megan! What a band :-) I hadn't enough time to include a podcast of a live version of the song, it's very good.

You said it, Vik. Thanks for the visit, as always. My best wishes.

Deb said...

Happy 500th post!

runnerfrog said...

It makes me feel 500 posts older.

Will Doohan said...

WOW! 500 posts. You are quite prolific Cris. I can't keep up with you! :-D

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