Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract Nº75

If you're respectful by habit,
constantly honoring the worthy,
four things increase:
                 long life, beauty,
                 happiness, strength.

Words attributed to the Buddha on the book of the thousands (Dhp VIII, 109).


itzktb said...

Now it's Jacks! I never thought you were such a game-player!

runnerfrog said...

I ALWAYS knew! I ALWAYS knew this day would come. The day when I'd know that I suck at my own concept of recognizing patterns; it was totally logical, I knew it would happen.
Now what would you do? Take the responsibility of naming images too? Getting images by e-mail and respond with the resulting evocation?
With great power comes greater responsibility, you know? :-)
Could you cope with another blog, your tenth or something?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Today is tuesday Merlot.

itzktb said...

Sometimes something you say makes me laugh so hard and I don't even understand what it is you said!

Merlot Tuesday, indeed... enjoy Cabernet Wednesday!

Word verification is "Chilido," which is fittingly, not a word, nor a verification of anything.

runnerfrog said...

The frog environment is complex and given to misunderstandings. Here, frogs lick each other for healing, with healing comes the effect of the frog licking, with the frog licking comes the chilido expressions, proper of the frog lickers, with the chilido expressions comes the contagious effect of laughter, with the effect of laughter comes the healing, closing a unending cycle, in a delicate balance proper of this type of environment. So don't insult me suggesting that I'm a southamerican frog licker with a french wine-drinker ancestry, when in fact, I'm an environment healer... I'm innocent, a pure white frog, a saint of the twenty first century. Now, be good to the environment, and hand me that frog.

itzktb said...

Tu eres un loco chulido--
me refiero a un loco chilido!

Will Doohan said...

Hey Frog! Your stealing Spiderman's line! (with great power, comes great responsiblity.) {actually, his Uncle Ben said it}

Heeheehee, I like your wine-decision poem.

itzktb - Dontcha love these captcha words? Chilido! Is that a hairdo with chili in it? (my word is teance - a seance with tea served no doubt)

PS - Albino frogs have the least taste but the strongest psychedelic drugs in their sweat.

Will Doohan said...

Cris, I was so caught up in writing my humorous response that i forgot to say I thought that the picture should be called 'Fastwalker'. And that it looks like it has bells on it's heels. Ok, I'll stop now.

runnerfrog said...

Albino frogs sweat "motoses".

I saw the same you say about the bells on a swirling object. It's just to call attention, very self-absorbed object.

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