Saturday, January 17, 2009

Specie of the Dark Nº 1

Species of the Dark is my complementary serie to Creatures of the Light.  This is the first.

Whose little babe is this?
Who now slumbers on a city sidewalk
Bundled in a tattered sleeping bag
In back of a brick and mortared building
Knocked crooked by time.

Whose little boy is this?
Who now wakes in a garden of cigarette butts
And abandoned pages of old newspapers
On ragged cement
Where only the most desperate weeds
Dare to grow.

Whose mother’s son is this?
Who now pulls himself up and out
Of the brief escape of sleep
And stands in icy morning air
Extending his thoughts only as far
As the ashen tip of the smoldering cigarette
He sips like a cool, sweet glass of juice.

All his generations reduced to this,
A life too young for such resignation,
Too old for much renewal,
Too far from home
This lost child.

Russ Loar, "Lost child".


itzktb said...

Even in the dark, there is light.

I love this.

runnerfrog said...

Light is included in every atom, to shine it needs to be connected to another. Thanks.

oo7 said...

this was hopeful...i loved it

Trée said...

Incredible image. Looks alive, real.

Will Doohan said...

Like a creature of the deep sea, it provides it's own illumination.

runnerfrog said...

Didn't expected such a positive reaction to this one. I'm pleased, thanks V., T., & W.

Deb said...

Wonderfully colorful!

runnerfrog said...

This one seemed to be a hit.

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