Thursday, January 15, 2009

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract Nº76

Waves weeping
Tears on
My sleeves alone
Is the colour stronger.

Ki no Tsurayuki.


oo7 said...

2 things came to my mind...

1.emeralds from my dreams...

2. maypayne the game

oo7 said...

* maxpayne

tc bro

Moflo said...

This is one of my favorites. It's beautiful.

itzktb said...

As the neighbor watches curiously, someone is in the yard, watering the pomegranate and jasmine.


Deb said...

Beautiful crimson beads bursting forth, making all things in its path red.

runnerfrog said...

Hey good people. Excuse my absence, I'm busy without a cure, I left Gorfrennur in charge, who's writing on my behalf. If he says something really bold, sick or twisted to you, it's he's fault, not mine.
Thank you all for your kindness, Vikram, Megan, Katie and Deborah.

runnerfrog said...

Hey, Katie. Gorfrennur is a Scorpio.

I'll water the jasmine with my blood
and will turn red,
will water the pomegranate with my dishonour
and will turn white.
Everything is colour reversed
when the pure offer of a flaming heart, K., is overlooked.

During my spleen
I'll swallow my unnatural red jasmine flower
and my heart from dead white
will beat red and alive again,
and will bite my unnatural white pomegranate
and my mind from crimson pain
will turn crisp and pure snow

All in the time a monarch takes to moan or roar.

itzktb said...

If Gorfrennur is a Scorpio, then I shall be too afraid to ever return to "The Pattern"!

runnerfrog said...

In fact his problem is not his scorpionism but that he always returns to The Tavern.

itzktb said...

An inebriated Scorpio--what a frightening thought!

But I may stop at the tavern, just to work up the nerve to return to "The "Pattern--" if only for the word verifications.

And while we're on the subject, how do you feel about"Jejoca"?

runnerfrog said...

Sounds like something to drink, or to drink from.

Trée said...

The image is nothing less than magnificent. What program are you using to create these masterpieces?

Will Doohan said...

I have finished drinking my Jejoca and the bartender of "The Creatures of Light Tavern" offers me a yinothbo. Can i have some SyntheMesc and Moloko with that? I ask. "No" he says. We don't serve that stuff here. I look out the window at the video of the Red Super Giant star that was recently been proven to be the source of the 'Space Corpuscles' ("they couldn't have thought of a better name than that?", i think to myself.) I ask the Silurian next to me if 'my spleen' is an emotional condition amongst his people. He says "yes. I've endured many centons of spleen my self", "what's your name friend?"

He says "Grofrennur".

runnerfrog said...

Hi Trée, I use my own, which back in the days of 2D was named C.R.A.M. (Cristian René Art Media), then other branches were developed (3D and L-Systems, this last one still immature).
But the rendering engine is Pov-Ray.

Will, Jejoca is terrible. Find Synthemesc, Vellocet and others only at the Korova Milk Bar.
Spleen is the drunkness provoked by Jejoca. What about the "Motoses" for cleaning the system? Also known as the motorcycle of Moses, A psychotropic, close relative to the Drencrom. Sudden euphoria and messianic speeches are the drunkness of that one.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

Your creative genius always inspires me.

runnerfrog said...

"Creative Genius" (Or C.G., also known as Crazy Gumf): the mental emission of the computer literate while idle. :-)

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