Thursday, January 08, 2009

Purple entity

Sometimes I dare to use the expression "digital beauty"; or maybe are only my eyes this time, but when I was rotating images and this one suddenly bloomed, that's what I thought.  It lacks some light, and it works better fullsize.  Almost everything is owed to the computer this time.  And I wondered how is it that our best things come out when you let things freely flow.  No extra work was needed -was born like this, and the background combined quite well; like other things in life.

Is it a flower or a creature?  Is it perhaps a intermediate being between flora and fauna?  Is a spiritual being, a lotus flower bloomed out of deep meditation?

[EDIT: I traded the original for a better illuminated version.]


The flowers whose purple and translucid bowls
Stand ever mantling with aëreal dew,
The drink of spirits: and it circles round,
Like the soft waving wings of noonday dreams,
Inspiring calm and happy thoughts, like mine,
Now thou art thus restored. This cave is thine.
Arise! Appear!

[A Spirit rises in the likeness of a winged child]

This is my torch-bearer


Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound", Scene III (3.3.142).


itzktb said...

What a beautiful and dynamic flower-creature! I like that it embodies a gentle AND a wild side.

I also dig the new purple blog, it's a great change--perhaps a sign of good things to come for you in the new year!


runnerfrog said...

A gentle side and a wild side is all I have now.
Great things to come are the only things I'm interested into now.

Deb said...

It's a flowering creature! I also like your blog background. The color enhances your art.

Annie said...

I like the new background too of course! I think it's really cool that you made it purple! It's really pretty.

runnerfrog said...

Now how do I translate your smile into a colour? This is a kind of question I ask myself quite often. What's the colour of something ethereal. I'm going into synaesthetic feelings.

Deb, it might be a creaturing flower, don't forget creaturing flowers.

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