Sunday, January 04, 2009

Structore up

Weak pun.

By this stairway narrow, steep,
Thou shalt climb from song to sleep;
From sleep to dream and song once more;—
Sleep well, sweet friend, sleep well, dream deep!

Richard Watson Gilder, "The stairway".


itzktb said...

I have a fear of falling down stairs.

runnerfrog said...

Since it's an ethereal staircase to a dream, it can't hurt.
My dream staircases always turn into water slides. I need a shrink, but I spend all my money in water slides.

itzktb said...

Your dream staircases always lead to water slides? Mine always lead to fiery pits in hell--looks like I'm the one who needs the shrink.

runnerfrog said...

Or an Orpheus.

Will Doohan said...

Staircases? I see the birth place of 2001-type monoliths. They are young and scared so, they all travel in a line.

runnerfrog said...

And they don't need propulsion.

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