Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Warfare firewall

"...and let's face it, if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no god damn wars in the first place." Sally Field, censored in the U.S. TV, from the Emmy awards 2007, on september 15th.

"...and let's face it, if mobsters ruled the world... maybe they do." David Chase, in the Emmy awards 2007.

In the medieval tactics of war, the firewalls of burned oil were a terrifying strategy (but expensive and almost not used) for limiting the retreat of the enemy. These days there seem to be virtual political firewalls to stop our own countries from retreating, due to political pressure; it is difficult to believe, but real, that the political arrogance weights more than the population discontent (might be it is that arrogance implies disdain). I remind Malvinas/Falklands as the first war like this, in 1982, and I'm still trying to solve what I've seen around when I was a child... and still see.
What a large amount of wasted lives, and people hurt beyond the conceivable.

There was crimson clash of war.
Lands turned black and bare;
Women wept;
Babes ran, wondering.
There came one who understood not these things.
He said, "Why is this?"
Whereupon a million strove to answer him.
There was such intricate clamour of tongues,
That still the reason was not.

Stephen Maria Crane, "There was crimson clash of war".


Dzeni said...

This graphic is full of emotion! Its really really good. I love the mix of colour and texture. The name is a good fit too. Thanks for sharing.

runnerfrog said...

Well, Dzeni. Thanks a lot, specially because I didn't thought it was really really good as you said, although it wasn't easy to make. You changed my appreciation of it, and I highly valuate that.

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