Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Abstracts Nº 16, Nº 17 and Nº 18

While doing my mourn to the end of it, to not allow it to become a depression, have discovered (or finally prooved to myself) that I certainly don't believe in the God that was taught in my seven years of catholic school (plus pre-school, are eight). That I believe that the God is the human being itself, and that we all create or destroy God, in the measure of our beliefs in society and human values.
Art is a great religion: Beauty fulfills the soul. Poetry is reality and philosophy an illusion. I'm certainly going away from cold positivism and phenomenalism these days, may be for ever; and coming back to my senses of intuition, and experience. Hope they are in good shape yet.

"We have seen that the vital longing for human immortality finds no consolation in reason and that reason leaves us without incentive or consolation in life and life itself without real finality. But here, in the depths of the abyss, the despair of the heart and of the will and the scepticism of reason meet face to face and embrace like brothers. And we shall see it is from this embrace, a tragic—that is to say, an intimately loving—embrace, that the wellspring of life will flow, a life serious and terrible. Scepticism, uncertainty—the position to which reason, by practising its analysis upon itself, upon its own validity, at last arrives—is the foundation upon which the heart's despair must build up its hope."

Miguel de Unamuno, "The tragic sense of life", Chap. VI.

"It is the furious longing to give finality to the Universe, to make it conscious and personal, that has brought us to believe in God, to wish that God may exist, to create God, in a word. To create Him, yes! This saying ought not to scandalize even the most devout theist. For to believe in God is, in a certain sense, to create Him, although He first creates us. It is He who in us is continually creating Himself."

Miguel de Unamuno, "The tragic sense of life", Chap. VII (Love, suffering, pity and personality).

"To believe in God is to long for His existence and, further, it is to act as if He existed; it is to live by this longing and to make it the inner spring of our action. This longing or hunger for divinity begets hope, hope begets faith, and faith and hope beget charity. Of this divine longing is born our sense of beauty, of finality, of goodness."

Miguel de Unamuno, "The tragic sense of life", Chap. VIII (From God to God).


Anonymous said...

Let the light pour in, Cristian.
I've been in very similiar feelings some many times in my life that I discovered that the Flow can blaze back soon or later.
The Flow always goes!

runnerfrog said...

Thanks for your concern and words, good friend; you know you are always appreciated here, too. ;-)

Stargazer said...

I see you art is as brilliant as ever. Your words about "God" are thought provoking. I too attended Catholic School during the primary years. I knew at an early age that I didn't agree with a lot of the teachings. But I also don't agree with other religions that require one to believe and practice ways determined by humans. To me, being kind to others is a huge step along the right path. Well, I could go on about this, but won't.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

runnerfrog said...

Deborah, I like your way of thinking :-) Always a pleasure; thanks for stopping by.

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