Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Orange flower

This artwork to me looked like one flower printed on a bandana. This poem by John Berger fits it very well.

In the morning
folded with its wild flowers
washed and ironed
it takes up little space in the drawer.

Shaking it open
she ties it round her head.

In the evening she pulls it off
and lets it fall
still knotted to the floor.

On a cotton scarf
among printed flowers
a working day
has written its dream.

John Berger, "Kerchief".


Tai said...

I follow the evolution of these flowers as I follow the evolution of your heart. One leads to another leads to another as the heart drops its petals. Well, I'm talking nonsense now, but the images made me do it.

runnerfrog said...

Didn't sounded like nonsense to me, friend.

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