Friday, October 26, 2007

Crystal ball

Sometimes want a crystal ball to know what the future is "preparing".
Days doesn't pass in a boring way, in spite of the stress for nothing. I'd prefer a boring time.

Sail fast, sail fast,
Ark of my hopes, Ark of my dreams;
Sweep lordly o'er the drowned Past,
Fly glittering through the sun's strange beams;
Sail fast, sail fast.
Breaths of new buds from off some drying lea
With news about the Future scent the sea:
My brain is beating like the heart of Haste:
I'll loose me a bird upon this Present waste;
Go, trembling song,
And stay not long; oh, stay not long:
Thou'rt only a gray and sober dove,
But thine eye is faith and thy wing is love.

Sidney Lanier, "A song of the future".

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