Monday, December 10, 2007

Abstract Nº 29

A dream from some months ago:

I was a preteen in the dream, riding a bicycle, following a young girl, first twenties, on a bicycle too. The street was recently paved or about to be, covered with sand, was difficult to drive straight, but funny. She turned right, going out of the street with sand. The new street was upwards. She had her hair very long and black; her face was not clearly visible, as she was in front. The street was a dead end, she left her bicycle and trespassed a house by the side door, I did the same. She was walking fast and decided, from one backyard to another, jumping fences, and I followed. On the backyards I saw chairs, tables, hoses, toys, abandoned glasses of red drinks with umbrellas (?), and I felt very worried about being discovered trespassing, nevertheless I kept following her. Jumped another fence after the girl, then we passed below some weird backyard ceiling and I saw the shadow of a dog and jumped afraid to one side, but wasn't attacked nor heard a bark, so looked at the shadow and was a statue of a dog in bronze, a bulldog, in position barking, and made me laugh in the dream. When I looked, I lost sight of the girl, so I ran through several backyards until finding her, jumping another fence. The more fences we jumped the more precarious the situation and the landscape became; more weeds, and places seemed abandoned. This last fence was truly weak. Then the weeds became a forest, and inside the shadows, the dream turned into something I lost in the memory.


Tai said...

What a mysterious dream. I love this image, it is very different for you. I see a door, or a gate in the fence. It shivers and vivid and alive in the nights. This might be one of my favorites.

runnerfrog said...

It is not a mysterious dream at all. It has a perfect explanation, but I can't speak that out, it involves another person.
Thanks for your words, good Tai, they are always much more appreciated than you think... I think. :-)

Deb said...

Isn't it curious how the rational, conscious mind can identify dream content, sort it out, and conclude reasonable explanations for images conjured by the unconscious mind.

Several nights ago, I dreamed of a bison playing servant to my dream neighbors (didn't know who they actually were, just neighbors). The bison, not being dexterous (no surprise here)ripped everything to shreds.
My rational mind found no meaning to this hilarious dream, other than I should avoid tortilla chips and hot dip at night. :-D

runnerfrog said...

During the years I've done many analysis and interpretation of my own dreams, concluding that sometimes the mind uses digressing just to rest of the exhaustion, but some other times it is the unconscious mind trying to comunicate a pattern to the conscious zones, a warning sign, many times.

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