Friday, December 21, 2007

Prismatic flora

This is the end of the serie of simulated flowers. It would have been better if I'd have been more focused on the symbols, or clearer on the posts, but I was going through a process too. Some works end up interesting, so I feel accomplished.
This last image would be like a compendium. Better be like a brief manifesto, of why my road through colour; will use the words of Chesterton for that.

On must we go: we search dead leaves,
We chase the sunset's saddest flames,
The nameless hues that o'er and o'er
In lawless wedding lost their names.

God of the daybreak! Better be
Black savages; and grin to gird
Our limbs in gaudy rags of red,
The laughing-stock of brute and bird;

And feel again the fierce old feast,
Blue for seven heavens that had sufficed,
A gold like shining hoards, a red
Like roses from the blood of Christ.

G.K. Chesterton, "Art colours".


Deb said...

As one chapter comes to a close, another follows, offering more avenues of exploration.

runnerfrog said...

Indeed. From tomorrow on I have prepared a "bridge", a short chapter of eleven pieces about simulated prismas. Will help to go through the holidays with less work.
Don't expect deepness with those "prismas".

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