Thursday, December 06, 2007

Flaming lotus

Lotus flower, symbol of the purity of the soul into the material world. Flames, symbol of the spirit in action, to improve the material world. And the red lotus, symbol of the love and compassion for others. All, hopefully, in one flaming lotus.

How many times, like lotus lilies risen
Upon the surface of a river, there
Have risen floating on my blood the rare
Soft glimmers of my hope escaped from prison.

So I am clothed all over with the light
And sensitive beautiful blossoming of passion;
Till naked for her in the finest fashion
The flowers of all my mud swim into sight.

And then I offer all myself unto
This woman who likes to love me: but she turns
A look of hate upon the flower that burns
To break and pour her out its precious dew.

And slowly all the blossom shuts in pain,
And all the lotus buds of love sink over
To die unopened: when my moon-faced lover,
Kind on the weight of suffering, smiles again.

D.H. Lawrence, "Lotus hurt by the cold".


Deb said...

This is a powerful image, and your description is lovely.

runnerfrog said...

Both hopefully :-)
Thanks for stopping by.

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