Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Flower of the night sky

(For Cristina B.)

In this night sky, the moon is the capitulum, and the blue petals twirl around.
I want that no harm never happen to anyone. I want so much.

They sleep within. ...
I cower to the earth, I waking, I only.
High and cold thou dreamest, O queen, high-dreaming and lonely.

We have slept too long, who can hardly win
The white one flame, and the night-long crying;
The viewless passers; the world's low sighing
With desire, with yearning,
To the fire unburning,

To the heatless fire, to the flameless ecstasy! ...

Helpless I lie.
And around me the feet of thy watchers tread.
There is a rumour and a radiance of wings above my head,
An intolerable radiance of wings. ...

All the earth grows fire,
White lips of desire
Brushing cool on the forehead, croon slumbrous things.
Earth fades; and the air is thrilled with ways,
Dewy paths full of comfort. And radiant bands,
The gracious presence of friendly hands,
Help the blind one, the glad one, who stumbles and strays,
Stretching wavering hands, up, up, through the praise
Of a myriad silver trumpets, through cries,
To all glory, to all gladness, to the infinite height,
To the gracious, the unmoving, the mother eyes,
And the laughter, and the lips, of light.

Rupert Brooke, "Sleeping out: Full moon".


Deb said...

The blue appears so smooth to the touch. This image is very hypnotizing, silky and quiet. Very relaxing. I could easily lose myself within its magic.

runnerfrog said...

Thanks for your words!
To my delight, the person to whom it is dedicated, liked the result a lot, since it has its favourite colours too. So I'm more than pleased.

Tai said...

I love that the moon in the center is not perfectly round but subtly oblong. The asymmetry is pleasing to the eye, and to this brain.

runnerfrog said...

So you are pleased with what I call unfixable mistakes. I shall learn from that, the sooner the better.

And yes, asymmetry works better most of the time, everything is pretty much asymmetric, except on the tyger from Blake.

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