Saturday, December 22, 2007


EDIT: Please excuse me everyone who got a Hallmark e-card twice from me. The server sent the first attempt _very_ late!

I have a simplistic serie about, somewhat, simulated "prisms" (yes, another thing about colours). It will start today and will end on the first days of january. On the meantime I'll plan something to create from ideas, or will try to create something out of inspiration, to post later.
The serie has a subtle evolution, and each of the ten images will have the companionship of one of the ten verses of "The Prism" by George MacDonald.

On middle january I'll take one to two weeks of deserved vacations. However, I'll try to post anyway, because I like it. ;-)

Happy holidays everyone!

A pool of broken sunbeams lay
Upon the passage-floor,
Radiant and rich, profound and gay
As ever diamond bore.


George MacDonald, "The Prism", (first stanza).


Trée said...

Cristian, thank you very much for the ecards. Very thoughtful and appreciated. Happy Holidays to you too. :-)

runnerfrog said...

OK, Trée. However, excuse that two e-cards came out. ;-)

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