Friday, December 07, 2007

Flower of ten petals (and II)

I always felt extremely thankful to Donald Justice for having written this poem. Unfortunately this companionship doesn't looks like a flower. Well, I've done worst.

Late arrival, no
One would think of blaming you
For hesitating so.

Who, setting his hand to knock
At a door so strange as this one,
Might not draw back?

Donald Justice, "To A Ten-Months' Child".


Deb said...

Oh wow, pretty in pink. Bright and vibrant!

runnerfrog said...

Glad you liked it, because I didn't.

I didn't make justice to Justice with this one. ;-)

Trée said...

Gorgeous flowers. Very nice work.

Anonymous said...

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runnerfrog said...

@ Trée: If you say it looks like a flower, then I believe you :-)

@Wuttisak: I did visited it, and the other blog too, but I don't understand how pasting ezine's articles will improve your sales. But, know that I wish you luck.

Maria Fischinger said...

You are very talented. Great blog

runnerfrog said...

Hi again, Maria. Thanks and I feel flattered, but well, I have to be realistic aswell. ;-)

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